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Developing, Managing & Acquiring Infrastructure

Delivering Results

PicoNet Consulting Services Overview.

We deliver by identifying the critical elements of any business endeavour and develop strategies that enhance business performance and protect its value. We understand how each endeavour affects the P&L and balance sheet and align our advice for optimal protection of both.

Businesses gain the maximum advantage through risk disclosure and management across the end-to-end scope of their investment and management initiatives.

Macquarie Bank

Mergers and Acquisitions

Transaction Management
Technical Due Diligence (Assets and Services)
Asset Valuation
Transition and Implementation Services

Business Development and Bid Management

Bid Evaluation and Management
Response Strategy and Documentation
Specialist Bid Team Support
Negotiations and Compliance
Transition and Implementation Services

Auditing Major Asset Portfolios

Audit Program Development and Management
Data Validation and Management
Audit Reporting

Project Recovery and Management

Project Status Analysis
Recovery Plan Development
Implementation Management
Performance Evaluation and Reporting

Change Management

Program Design
Impact Analysis
Implementation Planning and Management

Operations Planning and Management

Situation Analysis
Program Design
Implementation Planning and Management
Mentoring teams.